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In our shop the following products can be bought:

- Books

- Subscriptions to anual journals:

              o Print

              o Paper

- Single issues of our journals in digital format

- Articles from our journals in digital format


1º Selection of journal

Journals can be chosen through two different pages:

-- From the ´Publications´ menu, selecting the ´E-journals´ section or,

-- From the ´shop´ menu, clicking on the ´E-journal´ icon on the right of the screen

2º Add to basket

Once you have selected a journal to purchase, click on either the ´print subscription´ or the ´digital subscription´ icon, depending on the product.

It is also possible to buy access to a single issue by selecting from the list, or a single article by selecting the corresponding summary.

3º Confirm the order

Select the books you wish to purchase, then click on the icon that looks like a basket/trolley, situated in the search bar at the top. From this screen you can    

4º Register

If it is the first time you have used our shop, after confirming the order you must enter your personal details to be billed and sent the products. You only have to complete the full registration the first time you make a transaction. It is very important that you remember your username and password as this allows the system to recognise you as a client and makes future purchases easier. The ID is also needed in order to access subscriptions or other digital products. Digital products can be viewed on-screen and downloaded as a pdf.

5º Payment

Payment of this type of products can be carried out using a Visa or Mastercard credit card, and access is given immediately. Once the subscription comes to an end, it is necessary to effect a new payment using the same process in order to renew.

6º Delivery

Delivery of books is carried out by an authorised courier company.