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Anyone can subscribe to our journals from the online shop by following the instructions of the page 
How to buy a journal”.  However, institutions, book shops and suppliers should take the following factors into account:


Institutions must record their details through the webpage, indicating the Username and Password chosen when purchasing the article. The payment should be carried out via bank transfer; the Supply Department will send the bill when the login details are activated. The subscription will be renewed automatically each year, unless the institutions requests otherwise.

Bookshops and Suppliers:

Suppliers and bookshop owners can only buy digital subscriptions from this shop; in order to do so, they must apply for login details from the Supply Department if they are new users. These details allow the system to recognise users as suppliers each time they login. Once they are logged in, they can buy and renew subscriptions, and generate login details for their customers.

There is a discount on subscriptions for bookshops.

Payments should be carried out using either a Visa or a Mastercard credit card.