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The Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales (CEPC) is a public agency of the Ministerio de la Presidencia whose misión is to analyse the national and international legal and sociopolitical environment. As a research body the centre´s efforts focus on development in Pubilc Law and Social Sciences, both in Europe and in Latin America.

The organisation is open to all and provides society and the political and academic communities with over 70 years of high-quality research. Their role in maintaining and expanding pluralism and public transparency is carried out thanks to their highly-efficient structure and work ethic.


The Centre is given the following functions in order to achieve its ends, notwithstanding the fact that the functions of training and research in this vein are given to other bodies of the General State Administration:

1. Carrying out and promoting study and research on the evolution and functions of social, political, constitutional and administrative systems, on a national and international level.

2. Carrying out, promoting and publishing, when appropriate, studies on subjects related to those mentioned above.

3. To build and maintain a documentary and literary base on Constitutional Law, Theory of the State, Theory of Constitution, Political science, History of Political Ideas and Spanish Political History, and other subjects related to Public Law.

4. Provide education and courses on the aforementioned topics.

5. Provide assistance and advice to the Presidencia del Gobierno.

6. Pay special attention to questions relative to Ibero-American institutions and their relationships with Spain and Europe.

7. Carry out all missions that are assigned to them by the Ministerio.

The CEPC depends organically on the Vicepresidencia del Gobierno and its acts in the following areas:

Among the main functions that the Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales must carry out, the centre must analyse the legal, social and political situation at both national and international level, paying particular attention to those of Ibero-American countries. To this end the CEPC promotes the study, reflection and research on subjects relevant to the functioning of political systems from a legal and political perspective. 

The García-Pelayo Research Programme and the Research Seminar that focuses on themes of Democracy and Representation, Immigration and Citizenship, Territorial Pluralism of the State, Fundamental Rights and the European Union, as well as Research Prizes, publications, working groups and their series ´El tiempo de la política´ and ´Mirando hacia América Latina´ are just a few examples of the work that the CEPC accords to this role.

In order to spread the word about their activity and research, the CEPC carries out seminars, meetings, conferences, book launches, in which members of the academic, political and legal world participate.

Teching: In partnership with the Universidad Internacional Mendénez Pelayo (UIMP), the CECP offers an official university programme for a Master´s in Constitutional Law.

The CEPC is a renowned institution in the world of public law and political science. Since 1979/1980, it has been awarding the Diploma in Political and Constitutional Studies, a prestigious qualification in academic, legal and political realms, both nationally and internationally. Many diploma holders now occupy important posts in constitutional courts, parliamentary assemblies, universities and public administrations in the Ibero-American community.

The new Master´s programme gathers this experience. It is aimed at both those who wish to begin an academic career in Public Law and political systems, and those who wish to advance their careers in the public sector. In the case of the latter, the Master´s can be seen as the first step in preparing for a senior public position, as well as a postgraduate qualification aiming to widen the knowledge and skill set of those working in public administrations and related sectors.

Edition: The CEPC is the General State Administrations´ publishing arm for texts on public law and political science. In 2012, the CECP´s publications represented 42.91% of all texts published by the Presidencia, constituting 59.44% of those realised thanks to the enforcement of 86.77% of planned publications (compared with the Presidencia´s  64.82% average). Moreover, 91.60% of the costs of publication were covered by sales.

About the CEPC

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