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Library and Documentation departament



The Department of Legal Documentation guards and updates a legal database and a significant collection of official publications of legal, parliamentary and jurisprudential interest, from Europe, the European Union and the Council of Europe.


Reading room


• Consult official publications in the reading room

• Borrowing books (limited to students at the Centre)

• Reprographics, in line with the existing regulations on Intellectual Property

• Responding to requests and questions via email, telephone, fax or post

• Information dissemination

Interlibrary book loans

The CEPC library collaborates with other libraries through the Interlibrary Exchange scheme.  Libraries and documentation centres that are in need of certain books can request a loan by emailing the following address: usuarios@cepc.es


The library´s collections are available to the general public, though given their specialised nature, priority is given to teachers and researchers, Master´s students and Public Administration staff.

Information dissemination

The Department of Documentation produces a monthly  “Legislative Newsletter”, el “Newsletter on the Autonomous Regios”, el “Newsletter on parliamentary activities in Autonomous Regions” and periodically, the “Newsletter on Documentation” y "Topical Dossiers”, relevant to themes of Constitution and Public Law. It also maintains the DOCEX database that collates legislation from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and the UK.