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Gazettes and documentation dossiers

Library and Documentation departament

The topical Documentation and Dossier Newsletters are produced by the Documentation Service at the CEPC, and include the study of essays relevant to the current political and social environment. The Service selects and reviews legislation and jurisprudence in Spain and other countries that is considered of particular analytical interest. In order to find relevant information, they use existing legislative and legal catalogues from the Department´s documentation collection, database and online resources.  The Library service also joins in the process by producing a specialised bibliography on the respective theme, by consulting the literary catalogue of the Centre and other bibliographic sources in public institutions. The Newsletters and Dossiers are preceded by an introduction that is produced by groups of professional academics or institutional specialists. The Newsletters are sometimes produced in collaboration with other State Institutions, as part of a collaborative agreement. 



Newsletters and Documentation dossiers


Topical dossiers