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Spanish constitutions

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Spanish constitutions


International constitutions

The Documentation, Library and Archive Department at the CEPC subscribes to two print collections that publish the entire collection of worldwide constitutions (Constitutions of the countries of the world y Constitutions of the dependencies and territories, published by Oceana).

This database can be consulted in the mornings in the Reading Room at the CEPC. It is also possible to visit in the afternoons, if prior notice is given.

Appointments should be made 48 hours before the desired date of entry by contacting:

biblioteca@cepc.es .


Hispano-American constitutions

Link to historic and current Hispano-American constitutions (updates depending on country).


EU constitutions

Link to the Constitutions of Europe, valid until 2010 (not updated since specified date).

Comparative and proposed reforms to the Italian constitution 2016 

In the Spring of 2016, the Italian Houses of Parliament approved the text on significant constitutional reform. However, its ratification was subject to the results of a referendum, as it did not obtain the support of two-thirds of congress. This plebiscite took place on 4th October 2016 and was rejected with 60% of the electorate voting against the reform.

 The following document compares the current constitutional text with that proposed in 2016. It also outlines the numerous previous modifications to the constitution since 1947.

Comparativa y propuestas de la reforma constitucional italiana 2016