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Library and Documentation departament


Created in 1977 from the collections are the Instituto de Estudios Políticos (1939-1977) and the Instituto de Estudios Administrativos (1966-1977), the Library Department is responsible for the formation, safe-keeping and diffusion of the literature collections at the CEPC.

It currently specialises in Constitutional Law, Theory of the State, Constitutional theory, Political Science, History of Political Ideas, Political History and Sociology and subjects related to Public Law. There are over 93,500 essays and 1,922 periodical publications of which 400 are ongoing.

The Library Catalogue is made up of bought, donated and exchanged essays as well as a selection of articles from periodical publications.

Library´s OPAC

Mobile access to the OPACl

   Article on ´The Library at the CEPC: History, Collection and Services´, from the ANABAD bulletin

Video of the library

Library Services

• Consult the bibliographic collections in the Reading Room

• Borrowing books. icono PDF Rules and regulations

• Interlibrary book loans (limited to the staff at the CEPC)

• Reprographics, in line with the existing regulations on Intellectual Property.

• Responding to requests and questions via email, telephone, fax or post

• Information dissemination



The library´s collections are available to the general public, though given their specialised nature, priority is given to teachers and researchers, Master´s students and Public Administration staff.

   Reading Room
   García Pelayo Rom

Interlibrary book loans

The CEPC library collaborates with other libraries through the Interlibrary Exchange scheme.  Libraries and documentation centres that are in need of certain books can request a loan by emailing the following address:


Information dissemination

The library produces the Monographs Newsletterde  and the Summary Newsletter.
The library also produces literature on topical themes, with registers from a range of different sources, which are published in the Documentation Newsletter.
These newsletters are updated automatically and can be accessed through the Catalogue, in the ´Recommended Literature´section.


La Sala de Lectura permanecerá abierta de 9 a 20:00 horas de lunes a viernes. Durante el mes de Agosto el horario será de 9:00 a 14:30 de lunes a viernes.


Correo: Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales - Biblioteca. Plaza de la Marina Española, 9 - 28071 Madrid (España)

Teléfonos: 91 422 89 05 y 91 422 89 42

Fax: 91 541 95 74

Correos Electrónicos:

Departamento de Biblioteca: biblioteca@cepc.es