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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

On Monday 9th April the Centro de Estudios Políticos alongside the Real Academia de Ciencias Morales y Políticas inaugurated the first session of debates marking 40 years of Constitutional Democracy. The event, which took place in La Casa y Torre de los Lujanes, included contributions from the former ministers Marcelino Oreja and Rodolfo Martín Villa, the former leader of the socialists, Raúl Morodo and the former Member of Parliament, Carmela García Moreno, as well as the current President of Congress, Ana Pastor.

All of the speakers gave their experiences of the Transition, both on a political and personal level. Oreja spoke about the process of restoring relations with the outside world, and in particular with Europe, while Morodo gave his experience as an “outsider”. Martín Villa pointed out that, despite the allegations of some, the Transition was not about “ad-libbing”; it was well thought out by Suárez and his government who knew that Spain wanted a “new, modern and thriving” society. For García Moreno, “the Transition was a mutual desire of a free polis”.

The first session of debates was brought to a close by Ana Pastor, who drew parallels between the Transition and the world we live in today, saying we must continue to “prioritise harmony”.