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Thursday, 31 May 2018

On 28th May the CEPC hosted the book launch of the work “Constitutional Reform” in the Salón de Tapices. The event was well-attended and speakers included Dᵃ. Esther González Hernández, deputy director for Publications and Documentation, D. Javier Vieira Morante, President of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid, D. Jesús Núñez, President of the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio and the book´s coordinator, D. Javier López de Goicoechea          

The work discusses the different possibilities for reforming the constitution, which according to Javier Vieria, “is a highly delicate matter” and “of great interest”. The President of the TSJM and the coordinator of the book both highlighted the variety of studies in the work, such as those on electoral law and neo-constitutionalism. D. Javier López thanked the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio for their support in the project, as well as the contributors for their “bold submissions”.