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Tuesday, 05 June 2018

On Monday 4th June the CEPC hosted the award ceremony for the Tomás y Valiente prize, given to the best piece of academic work on the Constitution or Constitutional Justice. This last year the prize was given to D. Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra Barcelona. 

During the event there were four speeches, from D. Benigno Pendás, the Director of the CEPC, D. José Luis Cascajo Castro, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universidad de Salamanca, D. Juan José González Rivas, the President of the Constitutional Court and the author of the winning work himself. Everyone showed their approval for the “well-refined work” by Saiz Arnaiz which addresses constitutional processes and guarantees at a national and European level.

The award is given in the memory of Excmo. Sr. D. Francisco Tomás y Valiente, “a great legal and human personality” (Juan José González Rivas), who according to Pendás “encarnates the best aspects of Constitutional Spain”.