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Panel Discussion: the Preambles of the 1931 and 1978 Constitutions”.

Monday,25 June 2018

On Thursday 14th June the CEPC hosted a panel discussion on “the Preambles of the 1931 and 1978 Constitutions”.  During the discussion speeches were made by D. Raúl Morodo, Professor of Constitutional Law, D. Enrique Bacigalupo, Professor of Penal Law, y D. J. Manuel Gómez Bravo, Doctor in Law at the UAH. 
During the act they compared the constitutions of 31 and 78, which according to Gómez Bravo are both “modernizing constitutions, of Fabian inspiration and of hope”. D. Raúl Morodo highlighted the intricacies of the preamble of 78, which “was created by chance” and had a “ideological roof of democracy”. Afterwards, Bacigalupo explained the circumstances, in which the constitution of 38 was written, a constitution which clearly represents “Europe at the beginning of the 20th century”. Gómez Bravo brought the event to an end by comparing the similarities between two.