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Working group for the development of a methodology of evaluation of public participation in the General State Administration


participación ciudadana

Agreement 2.2.I Plan of Action of Open Government from the Government of Spain


The most recent plan of action for Spain, with regards to participation, is to carefully carry out an evaluation on the current forms of participation; their efficacy; in what way and to what extent the opinions of citizens and representing organizations are taken into account in the rules that affect them; in the design and execution of public politics and in the borrowing of public services. To this end, they propose to carry out a four-sided investigation into participation: the first enquiry focusing on advisory bodies; the second on the transmission of public information; the third on public plans and programmes and the final one on websites and electronic methods of participation within the AGE and Public Organisms.


In this regard, the CEPC will be carrying out a series of meetings in order to discuss new ideas for the configuration of a methodology for the enquiry into participation, during June and September 2017.
These meetings will bring together experienced professionals working in different areas of public participation that have been involved in other projects associated with open government and political management.
In addition, the advances of said meetings will be presented in three International Congresses in between September and November 2017, in front of Ibero-American experts and a keen wider audience that they know, but who can still participate in the discussion on the development of the methodology.

In this webpage you will be able to find general documents there discussed.

Third Plan of Action for Spain in Open Government 2017-2019 

 (consult the agreement 2.2. Enquiry into Participation)

Phase 1: General Meeting and Brainstorm:

icono PDF Agenda for the First Meeting
icono PDF Results of the First Meeting

Phase 2: Working Groups

icono PDF Results of the 2nd working group on Pre-normative Proceedings
icono PDF Agenda for the 4th working group on the Internet and Social Networks
icono PDF Results of the 4th working group on the Internet and Social Networks
icono PDF Agenda for the 3rd working group on Public policy

Fase 3: Presentación y apertura a la comunidad académica en formato presencial y virtual

icono PDF VIII Congreso Internacional GIGAPP
icono PDF IV Congreso Iberoamericano de Innovación Pública

Fase 4: Protocolos de investigación, diagnóstico y evaluación de la  Participación ciudadana en el ámbito de la Administración General del Estado y de sus Organismos Públicos

protocolo grupo consejos consultivos  1 Protocolo Grupo Consejos Consultivos
protocolo grupo tramite prenormativo 2 Protocolo Grupo Tramite Prenormativo
protocolo  grupo canales digitales 4 Protocolo Grupo Canales Digitales

El Protocolo Nº 3, relacionado a los Planes y Programas Públicos, está siendo actualmente revisado por la Subdirección General de Gobernanza Pública, responsable de ponerlo en marcha en el marco del III Plan de Acción de Gobierno Abierto de España.
Los cuatro Protocolos elaborados colaborativamente en el marco del CEPC, se hacen públicos en esta web y están abiertos al debate y mejora pública, siendo actualmente objeto de revisión específica por el Grupo de Trabajo de Colaboración y Participación del Foro de Gobierno Abierto.

Participa, comenta, analiza y comparte