Marineros con brújula pero sin mar. Los exiliados católicos radicales franceses al final de las guerras de Religión: discurso, acción política, interés social y procesos de desagregación.

The study of exile of French radical catholics (in the context of Wars of religión), can be undertaken through the analysis of two related elements: 1)A better knowledge of ideological formulations and the political functioning of the Catholic League, as well as of the possibilities of the Spanish intervention in Europe at the moment of maximal political projection of the Spanish monarchy. 2)The examination of social dynamics generated by a community in exile, from its formation and different perception of political identities, to its final dissolution. These two approaches would be accomplished from a perspective that would look for the reconstruction of the collective experience of the exiled as a political project, in which case the key element for the proper comprehension of this political projet would be through the study of individual experience.